4AX Exchange Portal

The 4AX Portal provides Market Information to the public as well as providing Issuers with the ability to log in to the Portal and perform various actions and communicate with the 4AX Exchange Market Operators.

Public information

  • A list of all Issuers by Company Name which can be selected to view the Issuer Company Information which includes:
    • Company Registration Number
    • Company address
    • Company contact details
    • Link to Issuer Company website
    • Company Directors
    • List of the Securities offered by the Issuer Company
    • Security pricing and performance history
    • Top 10 Shareholders
    • Company news and announcements

The 4AX Portal allows Issuer Agents to log into the Portal to perform the following functions:

  • Raise requests/queries to the Market Operator.
  • Manage Issuer Requests
  • View Issuers and Securities
  • Manage internal Users of the Portal
  • Create new:
    • Announcements/News articles
    • Issuers & Issuer Requests
    • Request for new Securities on the Portal

Issuer and Shareholder Portal

Issuers can register to have a view on:

  • Associated register information related to the specific security holders, securities holding, cash holdings, static data, public messages and the communication log
  • Generate Issuer related reporting i.e. security register and holding statements

Shareholders can register on the portal to:

  • View and generate reporting related to security holdings and transactional information
  • Manage their linked accounts
  • View 4AX announcements i.e. general news updates or corporate actions specific to the investor.
  • Electronically vote on company resolutions and make election on elective corporate actions
  • Received instant notification via SMS or Email on any 4AX communication