Exchange Technology

4AX uses smart Exchange technology customised to for the needs of the targeted 4AX issuers and investors. It’s modern scalable technology design and infrastructure reduces cost and increases efficiencies.

Here's how it can benefit you:

  • Platform is web-based for posting and matching orders
  • Clearing and settling transactions on a payment delivery basis
  • Internal clearing is provided with little manual intervention
  • The 4AX news portal allows information dissemination to the retail public on a cost-effective basis and includes communication with investors, release of information though mobile channels and electronic voting
  • An issuer portal enables issuers to use the Exchange Technology to market their companies and their securities
  • The user dashboard is customised for the 4AX target market and user requirements
  • Banking institutions, registry, brokers, market regulators and news agencies can interface through API’s
  • Regulatory settings are customised for 4AX to facilitate proactive and real-time market surveillance

About us

At 4AX we provide a low-cost, well-regulated solution for issuers and investors alike through a proven world-class exchange technology platform.


At 4AX Black Economic Empowerment is a business imperative.


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