At 4AX Black Economic Empowerment (“BEE”) is a business imperative and 4AX seeks to promote BEE at various levels:

  • 4AX will actively seek to promote black economic empowerment within its governance, executive and operational structures
  • 4AX’s strategy is dedicated to changing the imbalances of the past. This includes skills development and the promotion of SMMEs through affirmative procurement and capacity building
  • The most significant empowerment will be accomplished by granting previously disadvantaged individuals access to financial services and savings in a low cost, yet regulated environment and
  • 4AX seeks to provide these shareholders with a central facility to open trading accounts and trade without minimum fees. Shareholders will be empowered to actively participate electronically in voting and shareholder meetings
About us
Exchange Technology

About us

At 4AX we provide a low-cost, well-regulated solution for issuers and investors alike through a proven world-class exchange technology platform.

Exchange Technology

4AX uses smart Exchange technology customised to target issuers and investors.


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