About Us

Changing market perception of capital raising and trading platforms

4AX was founded in response to South Africa’s transitioning capital markets. Our exchange license (to list both equity and debt) was granted in August 2016 and we formally commenced operations on 1 March 2017.

Our vision is to makes financial markets more inclusive by providing a safe and simple licenced digital market place. Our market place is transparent and accessible to Issuers, Authorised Users and Investors and we strives to drive a conscious capital philosophy.

Our goal is to establish a well-regulated exchange alternative to qualifying Issuers and the South African capital markets, with the aim of meeting the needs of Issuers and Investors who are not served by existing exchanges or whose needs may be better served through an alternate exchange model with tailored Listing Requirements and Exchange Rules to meet the needs of SMEs and Mid Cap counters.

Our Value

Advancing conscious capital

We want to change market perception of capital raising and trading platforms.
For us, this means creating more awareness around and contributing to the advancement of conscious capital.


Our offerings are innovative, safe and simple.


We bring transparent liquidity offers to the market at attractive rates.


We increase access to a variety of capital raising and investment instruments.

Removal of key barriers
to investing

4AX was designed to meet the needs of retail investors whilst still remaining attractive to institutional investors.We removed key barriers to investing which include:

+ being the only exchange in South Africa which offers share trading without any minimum fees
+ introducing a simplified fee structure with the lowest cost in the market for retail shareholders and potential mid-market issuers
+ empowering retail shareholders through the provision of relevant and timely information for free
+ introducing innovative measures to provide and circulate information to retail shareholders
+ allowing improved shareholder participation and shareholder democracy and particitpation through electronic voting by proxy
B-BBEE Status

All group entities are 58.38% black owned, qualify as Exempted Micro Enterprises and are Level 2 B-BBEE Contributors with 125% B-BBEE procurement recognition. Parties using 4AX services may utilise their spend on 4AX Group services as Supplier and/or Enterprise Development for B-BBEE Audit purposes.